Featured Exhibits

World of Little League® Museum

Along with all the exciting exhibits that have been on display over the years, visitors to the Museum can now also enjoy the following features…

Road To The World Series Exhibit

Fifth Inning

Put on display in 2019, the Road to the World Series exhibit (located between the Fourth and Fifth Innings) features the iconic Dugout Car from the East Region Tournament in Bristol, Connecticut, and depicts the journey that local leagues take from their community through the International Tournament through an educational video and series of photos strung overhead.

Artifacts from the 2021 World Series Events

Fifth Inning

The 2021 Little League Baseball and Softball World Series was unique in many ways. Be sure to take a look at key artifacts from this year’s events during your visit inside the Fifth Inning showcase.

Feature Items from Olympic Silver Medalist Cat Osterman

Sixth Inning

Inside the Hall of Excellence exhibit, visitors can enjoy signature items from Hall of Famer and Olympic Silver Medalist, Cat Osterman, during her time as a Little Leaguer.

Walking Complex Tours

The Museum has also recently launched an outdoor walking tour featuring longtime Williamsport radio personality, Lou Kolb, that provides a narrated self-tour of the Little League International Complex straight through your mobile device.