2023 Chartering and Insurance Enrollment Guide

Resource Guide

As we look ahead to a new year, for so many families, your Little League fields are where your community comes alive. To get the 2023 season started, the chartering and insurance enrollment process is available through the Little League Data Center starting on Monday, October 3, for leagues to begin this process when they’re ready. Little League International is committed to providing our volunteers with information and support as we work together to navigate this unprecedented situation. Please continue to visit LittleLeague.org/ResourceGuide for the latest information and guidance for this season. If you have additional questions or need support, please submit your question to Little League Support.

Chartering & Insurance Enrollment

Things to do and know throughout the Chartering and Insurance Enrollment Process:

  • Officers: Make sure your League Officers are up to date on the Little League Data Center. As a reminder, only League Presidents, Vice Presidents, Treasurers, and Secretaries can complete the chartering and insurance enrollment process.
  • Team Numbers: Remember that you can update your team numbers throughout your planning and preparation for the 2023 season, based on the outcome of your player recruitment, what divisions you end up offering, and how your season takes shape. Do your best to estimate the number of teams and divisions of play based on previous seasons. Make sure you update your team numbers as soon as your league understands its total offerings for the season before you start practicing or playing games.
    • Sports Connect, the Official Local League Registration Provider of Little League, can assist with tools and resources to help leagues plan registration this season. Visit the Support page for ideas on getting families registered and structuring flexible payment options for 2023.
  • Rulebooks: All leagues will receive their complimentary league supplies in early 2023. Please note that again this this year, those supplies will include three Little League Baseball® Rulebooks, three Little League Softball® Rulebooks, one Little League Challenger Division® Rulebook, one Little League Tee Ball Curriculum, and other assorted items. Additional rulebooks will be available through ShopLittleLeague.org. All volunteers and families are strongly encouraged to download the Little League Rulebook App, which will be the exclusive destination for the most up-to-date rule and regulation information, important policies, and instructional videos.
    • Reminder, While the use of electronic communications is not permissible, the use of the Little League Rulebook App is permitted in the dugout, as are scorekeeping and pitch count apps (e.g. GameChanger), per Rule 3.17, note, which was updated prior to the 2020 season. Electronic devices should not be on the field.
  • Insurance: Leagues who purchase insurance through the chartering process utilize the AIG Insurance Program for Little League. This program is administered by Keystone Risk Managers LLC (“Keystone”) and is NOT an insurance program run through Little League International directly. To ensure there is no gap in coverage between policy years, those leagues enrolling in this program must have their insurance premium paid in full by December 31, 2022. Leagues are encouraged to understand what coverage is provided through the AIG Insurance Program for Little League, to fully review the quoted premiums for their league, and, if they choose, look at other insurance options through another provider that adhere to the minimum requirements for Little League (Regulation I (c) 7).
  • Patches: Please note that Rule 1.11, which outlines the patch requirement, was put in place during the 2022 season. In 2022, Little League International established a new, unified patch that reflects all levels of the program. This patch, which matches our new Little League logo, can be used, regardless of the division of play, on your league’s uniforms. “Rocker patches” that can go above the new patch for all divisions and roles will also be available, for those who wish to add those distinctions to your uniforms. If your league still has patches that have been previously purchased, you do not need to replace those patches, and limited quantities of our previous patches are still available, while supplies last. Additional information can be found at LittleLeague.org/Patch. Patches can be purchased at ShopLittleLeague.org with the new patch available soon.
  • Opportunities: Throughout the Chartering and Insurance Enrollment process, you’ll also be able to take advantage of special programming and offers to support your league and its operations from Little League’s Official Sponsors, including T-Mobile and A.D. Starr.
  • Credits: If your league has a credit, which will be shown in the “outstanding balance” box on the Data Center, that credit will be applied to your 2023 chartering and insurance enrollment.
    • Leagues who submitted an approved ASAP plan in 2022 also have received their program award based on 15% of their Accident Insurance premium credited through the Data Center.
    • Tournament mileage credits for qualifying leagues advancing beyond the district level of play in the Little League Baseball and Little League Softball divisions have been awarded and are reflected in your league’s credit/outstanding balance.