Southeast Special Games Applications

The Southeast Region has developed, based on requests, an online Special Games Application. This will simplify the process of submitting Special Games Applications. Please note this ONLY applies to Special Games involving fellow Little League programs located within the Southeast Region. This DOES NOT apply to non-Little League Special Games. A League President or District Administrator may submit an application and it works very similar to the paper forms, but with much less hassle.


The Details

As with the Region’s Charter Committee Waiver Requests and Age Breakdown Form, this online process is very user-friendly and available for use on any device. Below is an outline regarding the details of the online Special Games Application.

  • As with the paper form, the Application can be submitted by a League President or District Administrator.
  • As with the paper form, a new submission is needed for each division and level of play and each Special Games event.
  • You can add as many leagues as needed and involved. You can select leagues from multiple districts, but the district will be set on the host league’s district, by default.
  • If submitted by the League President, an email will be sent to the DA for him/her to review and digitally sign. The DA will be able to sign during initial submission, if he/she is submitting the Application.
  • If the Application is denied by the DA, the League President (or whomever submitted the application) will receive an email.
  • If approved by the DA, the Region Office will review the Application.
  • If approved by the Region Office, the DA will receive a copy of the approved application by email, that can be shared with the host league.

Submit Special Games Application