Southeast Region Tech Tools DA Guidance

Find information about the Region’s tech tools and the responsibility of the DA in each.

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Online Waiver Requests Special Games Applications Age Breakdown Form
District Dropbox Folder District Action Page Map Expansion Project
Call Up Grant Waivers

Online Waiver Requests

The Southeast Region’s Online Waiver Request site provides an easy method for local leagues to submit the most common waiver requests. The online submission site ensures league submits the information needed for their particular request type. Upon sharing the link with your leagues, you (the DA) will wait for requests to be submitted and emailed to you for review.

Age Breakdown Form

The Age Breakdown is part of Little League® Southeast Region’s continued assurance of local league compliance and commitment to ease of administration.

Online Special Games Applications

Special Games Applications can be submitted online through the Southeast Region. Online applicaitons involved Little League teams (non-Little League applications must be submitted through the paper form). As with the paper form, Applications can be submitted by DA or league president. If submitted by the league president, the DA will need to review the Application.

District Dropbox Folder

When you receive an automated email message from the Region for a constitution, charter case, age form, special games app, and more, each file is placed in your district folder on Dropbox (an online file storage service).

Dropbox is an outline file storage service (“the cloud”). There are many similar options available (i.e. Google Drive), but Dropbox is one of the more popular options. Items in your folder are NOT stored by league, but by type. Each file name has the league in it.

District Action Page

The Region has created an Action Page for each District. This is a central location for each district that contains reports, to-do items for the district and links to the Region’s tech tools. It is a handy link and does require the DA to maintain multiple links.

T-Mobile Call Up Grant Program Waivers

The T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant Program is back to help cover registration fees for Little League families in need and applications. We recognize that many families are facing personal and financial challenges which has made it difficult for their children to make their way on to a Little League field. Little League and T-Mobile share the belief that every child should have the chance to experience Little League, regardless of their situation.

Families in need across the country who can present eligibility in a Free/Reduced Lunch program, SNAP, WIC, Foster Child Paperwork, or enrollment in Medicaid or State Health Plans may be able to receive a T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant, so long as funding is available.

The program offers a simple-to-use application to get and keep children on the field. Prior to applying, families should identify their local league by visiting, then reach out to their league for more information about registration dates and fees.

Map Expansion Proposal Project

The Region started in September of 2020 working on expanding league boundary maps to cover holes and add territory where appropriate. The project looks to cover areas where there are gaps, areas identified for expansion from league finder data, out-of-boundary players and more. The goal is to provide more access to Little League programs for kids, while also providing leagues with more area to market and draw from. The project is beginning in Florida and moving up the coast with the hope to complete expansions prior to leagues completing registration (or before it starts).