Southeast New League President

Congratulations of being elected president of your local league. We are very appreciative of your commitment to your local league, local community, your league’s players and Little League. The role of local league president is crucial to Little Leagues across the world and we want to be able to help your transition to this new and exciting role.

We have curated articles from Little League’s online education home, to cover the crucial subject matters for a new league president. We encourage you to explore these subjects and corresponding articles as your time permits so you are prepared to lead your league.

Additionally, you will find notable dates on the Little League International Calendar and we also create a simple checklist for you to get your league president term started.

If you find yourself with questions throughout your time as league president that you can’t find an answer for, contact the Region office full-time staff for assistance.


New President Checklist

Here are eight items to checkoff as you get started as a new league president. These items will help you get settled in and get your term started out on the right foot.