Southeast League Document Submission


Each league’s constitution stored with the Region office is the OFFICIAL document of the league. By ensuring your league submits any constitution changes approved by the league’s general membership will keep the league’s document up to date (with approval from the Region). Once reviewed and approved the Region office, your league’s president and district administrator will be emailed the approved document.

Annual Financial Report

Each league is required to submit an annual financial report to Little League International through the Region office. Reports should be submitted annually by November 1. If your league needs assistance with your finances and the annual report, learn more here.

Southeast Age Form

The Southeast Region Age Form is an alternative document that may be requested by your District Administrator to complete. You will need to access the form through the below link. You can fill in the numbers on your computer, then save to submit through the form further down the page.


Your submissions will be sent to the Region office, along with your league’s district administrator.

Help Contact

Contact: Matt Weber | Region Director | [email protected] | 478-987-7227