Southeast DA Operations

Welcome to the Southeast Region DA Operations Page. This page is built exclusively by the Southeast Region for each district/DA and it is not part of the Data Center. Below are tools and resources for your specific district that can be used to assist your district’s operations.

This page is hidden and not generally available. You can only access through the direct link to this page. Bookmark/favorite this page for easy, future access. You can share with your staff as you feel appropriate.

League Issues

If you have any pending issues within your local leagues, you can view and update them below. Select an issue to view an overview and click the button to provide an update on that issue. Note you will be redirected after selecting submit.

If there are no issues to select, then there is nothing pending in your district.

The Region will close issues when it is determined no more actions are needed.


You can create various reports from your district. All reports are current and up-to-date.

​Pick one of the available reports, which will create a report that will be sent by email.

Please note reports are now delivered by email to the DA for security purposes.

As you create reports, note the difference between cases, waivers, and requests.
Case – is the “formal” name when the Region Office turns a request into the Charter Committee for review. A request becomes a case.
Waiver – would be an all encompassing name for the process. If a request that becomes a case is approved, the league would be receiving a waiver from the Charter Committee.
Request – this is what the league submits for review by the Charter Committee for a possible waiver.

DA Dates and Events

Upcoming Southeast Events

These are upcoming, public events for the Southeast Region

Gary Kay

Gary Kay serves as the Southeast Region’s safety officer.

He will share weekly reports with DAs and can assist you and/or your leagues with safety plans, submissions and more safety-related items. Contact him to have him assist your district.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 727-418-3790

New League President