Charter Committee Waiver Requests

Welcome to the Little League® Southeast Region’s Charter Committee Waiver Request Site. This site is built exclusively for use by league and district officials. Parents are not permitted to submit requests, thus cannot use the site. Please review all of the information on this site before beginning your request.


[email protected] | 478-987-7227

Waiver Options

Each request type has required information based on past cases and needs from the Charter Committee. The ingredients are listed under each waiver request type below. If your type is not listed, please do not use this site at this time.

Supporting information as required will need to be uploaded through multiple file types, but the ability to copy and paste the league’s statement within the site is available depending on your request type.

Submit Request

Submit Your Request

ALL requests require comment from the league’s District Administrator. The league’s DA will be notified on this request and will add his/her position/comment. Error(s) may be found in your submission and thus a new request will need to be submitted. After submission, the user receives both a web and email notification with the information submitted.  You have the ability to save your progress as you go and will be emailed the link to access your incomplete request, once saved.

Please remember this is ONLY a request and there is no guarantee of approval, and the request may take as long as three weeks for processing. Appeals of Charter Cases shall not be submitted online. Please email to your DA.

Input your league ID to auto-fill league name and district. Please note your league ID does not start with a 0 (zero).

Please note submissions will be unavailable March 1-2 for maintenance and updates.

About Waivers

Anytime a local Little League wishes to operate outside of the rules, regulations and/or policies (regardless of the type of request) it must request a waiver from the Little League International Charter Committee. Only the Charter Committee may grant a waiver to a local league, which, if approved, will only apply for the current year. The most common waiver type is for out-of-boundary players. There is no exception for a league allowing a player to participate regardless of age) if not residing or physically attending a school within a league’s boundary map.

The Charter Committee’s decision is final and binding. It is important to note that the situation requested in the waiver (such as a request to have a player participate in a league without having residence in the league) must not be allowed to proceed unless and until the Charter Committee renders its decision.

Waiver requests are not uncommon. The Southeast Region processes more than 500 requests annually. A league may request any rule, regulation or policy variation, but once again no approval is guaranteed. If a waiver is granted, the adjustment is only for the current season.

It Is Only a REQUEST

The biggest thing to remember during this process, is that it is a REQUEST, which does not guarantee approval in any manner, and the league may not proceed with its request until a response is provided.