1. Playing Rules
  2. Operating Policies and Position Statements

Travel Teams

Operating Policies and Position Statements

Individual players who play on Little League teams are also permitted to participate in non-Little League Baseball and Softball programs.

However, players who do participate in any non-Little League activity, and miss games or practices because of such participation, may be suspended or dismissed from their Little League team by action of the local Little League Board of Directors.

Uniforms, equipment, and any assets belonging to the local Little League (including uniforms bearing the required Little League shoulder patch), cannot be used for non-Little League activities, or in any game or tournament not specifically approved by Little League International. Any player or team that does so may be declared ineligible for further participation in Little League for that year, by action of the Tournament Committee or Charter Committee in Williamsport. The Charter Committee also reserves the right to suspend or revoke the local Little League’s charter for such violations.

Little League International respects the rights of a parent(s), or legal guardian(s), to allow a child to participate in any Little League activity. However, Little League International also has the right to limit participation in its activities to players who comply with its rules, regulations, and policies.

Little League wants parents to understand the potential dangers of allowing a child to participate in programs in which limited rules and regulations may exist – while recognizing our program’s rules that are designed to protect players from injury, such as Pitch Counts and equipment rules. Little League also hopes that parents understand the costs often associated with “Travel Ball” may be prohibitive.

Understanding the Cost of Little League® International Tournament

Little League International’s rules, regulations, and policies have been formulated over more than seven decades to ensure a safe, fun, and healthy environment for children. It should be noted that the local Little League programs pay a one-time entry fee for each team to enter Tournament Play ($200), which goes into a restricted fund used exclusively for offsetting local Little League programs expenses accrued during International Tournament play, including the World Series in each division of play. Additionally, every local Little League program in the United States with a team that travels 150 miles or more per one round trip to a section, state, and region level tournament receives a reimbursement from Little League Baseball of $1 per mile for one round trip to each tournament site, to help offset travel expenses. Teams advancing to the regional level in the U.S. receive an additional $200.

In fact, Little League International pays all the expenses of the dozens of teams that reach the World Series level in Little League Baseball and Softball, including travel, meals, and lodging. The local Little League and the team’s players, manager, or coaches, do not need to raise any funds to be able to participate in the Little League Baseball World Series.