How do I find out what my local league is planning for the 2022 season?

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The fiscal year for a local Little League program concluded at the end of September. Leading up to the start of the new league year on October 1, the Board of Directors sets a date and time for its annual meeting. At the annual meeting, there are several components that are discussed, including the election of new Board officers and President. Leading up to the annual meeting, parents, volunteers, and others associated with the league, may contact current league officers to pose questions or make suggestions that are often presented during the annual meeting. It’s important to remember that those annual meetings and elections may be shifted to online meetings due to the coronavirus. Plans for the coming year are also part of the conversation once the new Board of Directors is seated and operating committees begin to form.

If a local league would like to consider additional requirements for its players, volunteers, and fans (for example: mandating masking for all participants, requiring vaccines to volunteer or play, etc.), these items should be carefully considered and voted on by the Board of Directors, and then communicated to all league members. Leagues are also strongly encouraged to include their COVID-19 mitigation plan in their annual A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) Plan. Please note that Little League International is not requiring local Little League programs to adopt additional mitigation efforts outside of that is required by the respective state and local government and health officials for our leagues. Little League International strongly encourages leagues, families, and volunteers to make every effort to follow the recommendations from the CDC, World Health Organization, and state and local health officials, including vaccination, to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.